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Sim On A Stick

Decided to play around setting up SOAS on Friday.   Downloaded the 0.7.3  from here.  You are offered 2 options with or without the Imprudence veiwer, your pick.  As I already had Imprudence installed, I choose the version without.   After going around in circles trying to get it to work, I found the text document in the extracted folder Start_and_Login (advise to print).  Works fine on Imprudence,   Phoenix  with a bit of work.  The other viewers still fiddling.


Second Life Avatar catman Slingshot

I picked the name catman mainly on the grounds of having a number of cats.  Slingshot was 1 of the suggested last names and I liked the sound of it.

My appearence is cat themed and highlights my love of cats. Suits me I think.

catman pretty much represents me to a T.

As catman has been my avatar for a few years now, it is fairly important and special to me.

the appearence of other peoples avatars doesn’t matter to me at all. (freedom of choice)

At least in Second Life I can walk and run normally and use both arms and hands.  ME

Virtual worlds viewers

So far I have installed 4 TPV’s as well as the SL viewer on my laptop.  They are Dolphin,  Imprudence,  Phoenix plus Firestorm by Phoenix.  Playing around with them so only subtle differences so far.  A major issue has been to get any viewer to work on my home PC.  No luck yet.  CPU has no SSE  or the graphics card support.  No real surprise as the machine is roughly 10 years old.  All research discovered suggests using earlier versions of all including SL, but as soon as they start they require newer versions to work so I’m back to square 1.  Using my laptop seems to be the best and safest option.